Block Access to Your Web Server, from China, with this Linux APF iptables Firewall Blocklist

The IP addresses and CIDR ranges in these blocklists are for use in Linux APF server firewalls, via included iptables.

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Compiled by Wizcrafts Computer Services (see website links in footer)

Wizcrafts has been publishing .htaccess formatted IP blocklists (a.k.a. blacklists), for Apache-based websites, since 2005. They are used by many webmasters to deny access to spammers, scammers, scrapers, harvesters and server exploiters. Now, due to numerous requests, we are making the same IP blocklists available in a format suitable for use in many software and hardware firewalls, especially those running on Linux based operating systems. These are not advanced policy firewall rules, just straight, one-per-line IP addresses, or CIDRs, that are used in advanced policy firewalls (APF) as includes.

This page is not a tutorial in the use of these blocklists; there are plenty available on the 'Net (use the searchbox below). You can visit R-FX Networks for details about their APF project. The iptables blocklists below are for people who already know how to apply them to their servers, or firewalls. You must have Root access to the server to install these iptables blocklists. If you don't have root access, use our .htaccess blocklists instead.

The following is our Chinese iptables firewall blocklist. Applying it to a Linux based web server will block access to all services, to visitors and bots located in China, Korea, Malaysia, Phillipines, Singapore, Thailand and Vietnam.

Copy, paste and save the blocklist as a plain ascii text file, usually named deny_hosts.rules, then upload it to your Linux server, typically to: "/etc/apf/deny_hosts.rules"   Every IP or CIDR listed in the file, one per line, is denied access by default. See How to install APF (Advanced Policy Firewall), for installation details and command syntaxes.

Here are links to our other iptables firewall blocklists:
South American iptables Blocklist | Russian iptables blocklist | Exploited servers iptables blocklist | Nigerian iptables blocklist

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# This is Wizcrafts' Chinese-Asian blocklist, in iptables APF format, for use in Linux/Apache web server firewalls.
## Compiled and published by Wizcrafts Computer Services -
### We have another version of this file in .htaccess format, at:
#### This time consuming work is supported by donations from people who use and benefit from this blocklist.
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###### This page was last updated on: April 17, 2014 (may include multiple updates per day)

# Cambodia (KH)

# Chinese (CN) IP addresses follow:

# Hong Kong (HK)

# India (IN), Bangladesh (BD) and Pakistan (PK)

# Indonesia (ID)

# Japan (JP) (hacking, scraping, or spamming)

# Korea (KR) IP addresses follow:

# Yahoo-Korea (provides free email services used by some spammers)

# Neighboring Asian countries:

# Malaysia (MY)

# Philippines (PH)

# Singapore (SG)

# Taiwan (TW)

# Thailand (TH)

# Vietnam (VN)

If you find this blocklist useful, please Donate to Wizcrafts. Contributions from people like you, who benefit from these blocklists, will enable this work to continue.
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Want to download this iptables blocklist as a separate plain text file, but without any ads, nags, or HTML? I can provide direct access to my blocklists, in iptables format, ready to be imported into your APF rules. Wget is allowed for downloading my blocklists; server to server. Contact me via my Webmaster inquiries form with your details and the IP address of your server. I will setup direct access to the iptables text file for an annual fee of $104.00.

For webmasters lacking root access to their servers, we publish .htaccess format blocklists, for use on individual Apache-based websites. All you require is FTP or file manager upload access and the ability to see unhide and edit your .htaccess file, with "Mod_Access" Overrides.

See our .htaccess blocklists: Chinese Blocklist | Exploited Servers Blocklist | South American Blocklist | Nigerian Blocklist | Russian Blocklist

We can create custom blocklists for Linux/Apache based websites, based on your particular needs, at reasonable hourly rates. If you want to hire us to create a custom blocklist, or install a .htaccess blocklist on your server for you, contact us through our Webmaster Services contact form.

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No warranties are implied or stated and we are not liable for any problems that may arise from it's use.
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